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2006 Cars

Our guide to some of the new cars that have already appeared, or are still due to appear in 2006.  This page also includes links to the new cars of 2007, 2008 and later.  Some of these have already been displayed at the motor shows around the world as manufacturers revealed their plans for 2006.  Others are revisions of existing models, or completely new cars that haven't been seen in the UK or USA yet in their finished forms.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa 159 will turn heads with its stunning new looks. 

Alfa Romeo Alfa 159

On sale from early 2006 the new Alfa is expected to address many of the shortcomings of the outgoing 156 model.  It certainly looks the part, so those who prefer the Italian passion over the alternative offerings in this sector from Japan and Germany will just love this new offering.


A new Audi Supercar is expected to be released in 2006.  The new Audi R8 will be faster than the new Porsche 997 C4 and is expected to cost slightly less.  The on the road price could well be less than 60,000 and for that you get a 4.2 litre V8 which will produce over 400bhp and over 300 lb/ft of torque.  In the lightweight R9 that should be good for a power to weight ratio of almost 300bhp per tonne so a 0-60 time of well under 5 seconds can be expected.  The new C4 which retails at just over 60,000 has a similar weight,  but its flat six engine produces about 20% less power than the V8 Audi and has a 0-60 time of of around 5 seconds.  Audi will probably gear the new supercar to be good for a slightly higher top speed than the C4's 175mph.  While the new Audi will be nowhere near as fast as Porsche's awesome Carrera GT, if it does come in at the expected price it will be great value for money.

Much of the speculation in the UK was that the new R8 would feature the V10 40 valve engine from sister company Lamborghini's Gallardo, but it seems that our earlier prediction of a V8 is correct for now.   In any case, the V8 produces very nearly as much power as the V10.  We suspect that Audi also wanted to maintain a significant difference between the R8 and the much more expensive Gallardo, despite having used the V10 in other Audi cars such as the S8

Audi S8
Audi S8: unlike the R8 supercar uses larger version of Gallardo V10 engine,

Update: Michael G in the Neckarsulm Region of Germany tells us that the R8 was completed in September, and also advises us of rumours of 2 further models of the R8. One will be a cut price version which will have a little less horse power, and another that will have much more horse power and which will be able to give the 1000 bhp Bugatti Veyron a run for its money.

The new Audi uses core components from VW group's highly acclaimed new Lamborghini Gallardo combined with the V8 engine from the new Audi RS4 which is release this October.


Following Porsche's lead with the Cayman - a coupe version of the successful Boxster Convertible - BMW will release a Coupe version of the Z4 in 2006.  Early pictures look great; it certainly suits the new hard top much better than the Z3 coupe did.


The new new larger mini is now due for release on 18th November 2006.  The car has across the board improvements including an upgraded interior, styling enhancements, even more new technology and a new range of engines.  Yet despite that, most people will be hard pushed to spot the difference between the old model and the new.  BMW have changed almost every detail, but they knew not to mess with the overall format which is a winning one.  New Mk2 Mini Specifications.


Chevy expand their range of UK cars with the Epica in mid 2006.  The new model replaces the old Daewoo Magnus, and takes the company another step along the road of establishing a completely new range of products.


Like sister company Peugeot, Citroen have a number of new releases in 2006.  The company's new C4 Picasso though will now be released in the UK in January 2007 after having made an appearance at the Paris Motorshow and subsequently several shows in the UK.

Citroen Picasso
C4 Picasso released in January 2006


Dodge is the latest American manufacturer to appear on the UK car scene.  With Chevrolets, Chryslers and Jeeps becoming a more common sight on British roads, the American brands are stepping up their presence in the minds of UK buyers.  The new Dodge cars will include an Astra / Golf sized car in 2006 and larger vehicles the following year.  Dodge will have its work cut out to make inroads into the already competitive marketplace, so expect to see some great deals on offer while they make their bid to win over the British buyers.



FIAT's new 100hp Panda brings a new level of performance to the name, and despite the new powerful engine and the up-rated specification, the car is expected to retail for just under 10,000.  We reckon that's pretty good value and will be of interested particularly to younger buyers providing they like the car's somewhat boxy styling; yes, it's now a great looker compared to the original car, but it hasn't quite got the style of the 207s and Clios, or of FIAT's new Brava, to our eyes.

Fiat Panda 100hp
FIAT's new 100bhp Brava: 9,995 0-60 9.5 seconds

Grande Punto

With styling by Giugiaro we'd expected the design of the new Grande Punto to be a little more exciting.  The Punto has certainly come a long way since its first version, and the bigger version tries to build on the success of the smaller car, but we're wondering exactly how it fits into the range once the Stylo is replaced by the new Brava in 2007.  Not that there's anything wrong with the new car's looks - it's just that it looks so similar to other cars of its class, whereas the new Brava looks like something different.

  FIAT Grande Punto
FIAT Grande Punto



January 2006 will be the launch date for Ford's Focus ST - a 220bhp version of the new Focus.  Power will come from a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder turbo charged engine.  Providing the new car can lay that power down effectively the 0-60 times should be well under 7 seconds, and the chassis certainly merits this level of performance.   Competitors, in the form of VW and Volkswagen, should have their own extra hot versions of the Astra and Golf on the market before the Ford's release date.  However the price of the new ST is expected to be very competitive.  So if you're in the market for a hot, hot hatch, then you're going to have fun choosing between the range of models on sale.

December 2006 sees the release of the Focus CC.  It seems a strange time of year to be releasing a convertible, but perhaps convertible coupes aren't as seasonal as the old rag tops.  Either way, the CC will no doubt be a big seller as so many buyers are now seeing this sector as a great alternative to the hot hatch or small saloon.


The new Civic released in 2006 was a significant change to the image of the Honda car.  Well known for outstanding reliability and quality, the new Honda is a dramatic new style; and we think the change will be popular with the buying public.

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